The Project
Welcome to The Eagle in the Landscape Website. These pages are devoted to our current post-excavation project researching the Iron Age and Roman landscape of the Cotswold Water Park, near to the source of the Thames in Gloucestershire.

The Cotswold Water Park Today
The Cotswold Water Park Today

When the project is complete, the results will be published in our Thames Valley Landscapes monograph series. Full details can be found in the Project Design.

These pages are designed for users who wish to follow the work in progress. They will be updated regularly, and reports from the project team will appear here in draft form as soon as they are available. You can access the reports through the Key Sites page, or through the Current Work page.

You are welcome to download them for personal use, but please note that some elements of the reports may change as analysis progresses. All reports remain the copyright of the authors and Oxford Archaeology.

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