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Further Links

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies - Studies Rome and Roman Empire and has members from 30 countries. Publishes the annual 'Journal of Roman Studies' and 'Britannia' and two series of monographs (abstracts online). Activities, lectures, grants.

Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics - Annual journal Mosaic: contents list of current volume. Project: a complete catalogue of the Roman Mosaics of Britain. News, illustrated articles, book reviews.

BBC Education - The Romans An educational site on the Romans in Britain, designed for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Regional studies:

Romans in Sussex A multi-levelled site, intended to provide an in-depth look into how people may have lived in the Sussex region during the later Iron Age, the Roman period, and early Anglo-Saxon times.

Birmingham Roman Roads Project

The Vindolanda Trust

Whitehall Farm Roman villa and landscape project - Northamptonshire archaeology project

Romans in Staffordshire: A site illustrating different aspects of life in Roman Staffordshire, linked to the potteries Museum and Art Gallery.

ARCH: An organisation devoted to research, education, experimental archaeology and community development.


Cirencester Archaeological & Historical Society
Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society

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