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Winter Programme


The trenches around Hill Farm

Cliffton Meadow and the Thames floodplain



The Archaeology of the Wittenhams


This year a total of eight trenches were opened up, five around Hill Farm and the Wittenham Clumps, three on Clifton Meadow by the Thames downriver from Clifton Hampden. The six-week season involved more than 200 volunteers supervised by Oxford Archaeology, and we would like to thank everyone who took part. Some of the team camped in the grounds of the Manor at Little Wittenham, and we are grateful to Martin Wood for giving us permission to use this delightful location and its facilities. The Northmoor Trust provided us with a magnificent barn for our HQ, and their staff were as ever very helpful. We would particularly like to thank John Sargent for reorganising his farming programme around us.
The results of the excavations are very exciting. Using the geophysical surveys carried out by Time Team in 2003, and by volunteers on the project in 2004, we were able to target specific areas to answer important questions about the date and development of the area. During the season we also carried out further geophysical surveys at Northfield Farm and in Clifton Meadow to assist in placing trenches, and we are grateful to Messrs W & J Emmett and to Miss Bowditch and her land agent Graham Howard for allowing surveys to take place.

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