Project Team

Below is a list of the principal members of the project team although many other people will be making smaller contributions towards the final publication.

Oxford Archaeology Staff
Dr Gill Hey Project Director
Dr Jane Timby Project Manager
Caroline Dennis Project Manager
Christopher Bell Project Officer
Dan Stansbie Project Officer: Publications
Anne Dodd Director of Post-excavation
Dr Alistair Barclay Pottery specialist
Emily Edwards Pottery specialist
Kate Cramp Flint specialist
Pippa Bradley Flint specialist, Editor Volume 1
Angela Boyle Human bone specialist
Leigh Allen Finds Manager and Finds specialist
Paul Booth Roman pottery specialist
Julian Munby Historic landscape specialist
Paul Backhouse Graphics Office Manager
Christina Large
Illustrator/website creator
External specialists
Alex Bayliss Scientific dating
English Heritage
Dr Frances Healy Editor/Academic advisor Freelance
Dr Mark Robinson Environmental Archaeologist (EH) Oxford University
Fiona Roe Worked stone specialist Freelance
Dr Jacqui Mulville Animal bone specialist Cardiff University
Maisie Taylor Worked wood specialist Fenland Archaeological Trust
Mathew Canti Soil scientist (EH) English Heritage
James Greig Palynologist University of Birmingham
Neil Linford Geophysicist (EH) English Heritage
Paul Blinkhorn Medieval pottery specialist Freelance
Julie Rees-Jones Scientific dating specialist Freelance
Chris Salter Archaeometallurgist Oxford University
Chris Stevens Archaeobotanist Wessex Archaeology
Kathy Ayres Animal bone specialist Southampton University
Prof. Richard Bradley Academic advisor Reading University
Wendy Sherlock Copy editor, Volume 1 Freelance
Prof. Richard Evershed Residue Analysis Bristol University
Mark Copley Residue Analysis Bristol University
Stephanie Dudd Residue Analysis Bristol University
Dr Chris Doherty Ceramic petrology Oxford University
Dr Martin Henig Small finds specialist Oxford University
Jonathan Wallis Worked bone specialist Freelance
Dr Brian Gilmour Archaeometallurgist Freelance
Peter Northover Archaeometallurgist Oxford University
Helen Keeley Project Monitor English Heritage
Ruth Pelling Charred Plant specialist Freelance
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