How to use this website:

A general introduction to the Yarnton project can be found at The Project. The Project Team page lists the main contibutors to the study, and a selection of images can be found in the Image Gallery. Post-Excavation explains the kind of work that is carried out at this stage of an archaeological project.

Project Map shows the study area and provides a way in to more detailed information arranged by period and area of the site.

Our programme of analysis and reporting is focusing on three broad periods, and the process of transition between them. We will be publishing a separate volume for each one. This web site follows the same structure, and you can access information for the periods you are interested in by looking at relevant period pages:

  • Saxon and medieval settlement and landscape

  • Iron Age and Roman settlement and landsape

  • Neolithic and Bronze Age settlement and landscape

These provide a general overview of the results, and access to current work (draft reports) available for download. They can be reached from The Project or from Project Map.

The Project page also provides access to background information about the Yarnton project: Research Aims, The Timetable, Publication plans, and information about how the project was planned at Post-Excavation Assessment.

The Bibliography lists publications to date as well as a selection of wider reading.

The Glossary provides definitions in alphabetical order of the archaeological terms used in this website. As well as accessing the glossary from the navigation bar, you can click on highlighted words in the text to view their definitions.



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