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6th August 2000

click image for larger version of mosaic

Signed mosaic

The magnificent mosaic in trench 6 has now been fully revealed by the french team. Of great interest is the fact that beneath the three seated women can be seen the signature of the mosaic artist Zosimos epoiei. This may be the same as the signature recorded on a mosaic by the Franco-Turkish team previously excavated in Area A. This mosaic designer is thought to have operated from the city of Samosata further up the Euphrates to the east.

Signature of mosaic designer


Finds team and conservators busy
Incredible quantities of finds are still being recovered. Among the most interesting recent discoveries is a copper alloy bucket from trench 11 with a length of chain attached. This was found close to a marble cistern and may represent one of the ways that water was lifted from these storage tanks. Contrary to popular belief gold objects are not an everyday find on archaeological excavations. However recently a beautiful gold ring with intaglio has been discovered in trench 5 probably lost by its slim fingered owner 2 millennia ago. The Turkish team in trench 8 have also found some objects relating to personal adornment. These include a fine amber intaglio and a small amber bead as well as several complete bone needles.

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