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Welcome to the home page of Zeugma 2000, an archaeological rescue project dedicated to documenting the Roman frontier city of Zeugma on the Euphrates river. Under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the South-eastern Anatolia Project (GAP) and the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) have organized an ambitious international emergency rescue project at Zeugma during the summer of 2000. The Roman city is remarkably well preserved beneath thick layers of hillwash, which almost completely obscure its former grandeur. It is not surprising that many have labelled Zeugma the "Turkish Pompeii!"
Multinational teams of archaeologists and specialists have come to Zeugma to join forces with their Turkish colleagues. This rapid response team is composed of rescue and specialist archaeologists and conservators working together following a common strategy. The aim of the project is to record and to understand better the sectors of the ancient city due to be inundated around October 2000, following the completion of the massive Birecik Hydroelectric Dam.

The Oxford Archaeological Unit (OAU), which has played a key role in managing the emergency rescue team this summer, is maintaining this web site and hopes you will enjoy the excitement of the excavation, day-by-day.

NEW .. Focus on Trench 13
NEW ..Research by the Swiss Team
The Interim Report
The Database and Drawing Archive
The Shoreline Survey
Photographing small finds
The Record Breaking Bullae Collection
Focus on Reburial
Lifting the Mosaics
Video footage of night-time mosaic rescue
Focus on 3D Imaging
Focus on textile
Focus on worked stone
Focus on gateway, Review of Trench 15

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