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Excavations at Barrow Hills, Radley, Oxfordshire:Volume 1 The Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex

Thames Valley Landscape Volume 11

Excavation was undertaken at Barrow Hills, close to Abingdon cuasewayed enclosure, in 1983-1985 prior to development over the Early Bronze Age barrow cemetery. Evidence was recovered on the ceremonial and funerary use of the complex from the early Neolithic to at least the Middle Bronze Age, including the recovery of ring ditches, Neolithic pits, flat graves, pond barrows, and an Early Bronze Age cremation cemetery. Earlier salvage excavations and early reconnaissance of the site are discussed, as well as the wider burial and funerary significance of the site. Post-excavation analysis is described in detail. Its aims were to investigate the structure, chronological sequence and use of the site; the funerary, ceremonial and domestic activity; to place the archaeological finds in a landscape context; to look at artefact deposition and assemblage composition; and to compare the Barrow Hills complex with other sites. Comprehensive and well-illustrated

Alistair Barclay and Claire Halpin   ISBN    0947816895   £48.00